1. Personal Data

Christian Klaus Gottschall
Dr. Klaus Gottschall (Museum for European Ethnology, retired)
Ilse Gottschall (housewife)
Date of birth
October 24th, 1969
Place of birth
Austria and Germany
christian.gottschall@posteo.de (GPG/PGP public key)

2. Education

Philosophy (emphasis on formal logic) and a combination of subsidiary subjects (logic, linguistics, German language and literature studies, computer science, political science, Biblical Hebrew, and several others) at Vienna University. Diploma ("Magister"), diploma thesis: "Logische Notationen und ihre Verarbeitung auf elektronischen Rechenanlagen aus theoretischer, historischer und praktischer Sicht" ("On Logical Notations")
Academic high school
BG 5, Wien 5, Rainergasse 39, elective subjects: computer science, English, mathematics
Miscellaneous certificates
ANS-COBOL (Philips Computer School, 1989), Using the P4000 (Philips Computer School, 1989), MS-DOS (Philips Computer School, 1989), Programming in C (Vienna University, 1993), z/OS (Unilog-Integrata 2003), CICS Applications Programming (IBM 2004)

3. Languages

Natural Languages
German, English, Latin (adequate), Biblical Hebrew (little), ancient Greek (very little)
Artificial Languages
propositional logic, predicate logic, modal logic, HTML, 68000 assembler, Z80 assembler, IBM/370 assembler, AWK, ANSI-C, K&R-C, Objective C, C++, Fortran, Java, Oberon, Pascal, Perl, Bourne shell, Korn shell, bash, STx, WNNSN, HP42S, PCL, HPGL, HUGOL, VT52, VT100, etc.
TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP, POP2, POP3, and many others
Operating Systems
Unix, MacOS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Linux, Solaris, AIX, VMS (VAX and Alpha), OS2200 (Unisys) with OLTP, MVS to z/OS (CICS and batch), CP/M, TOS, Windows

4. Professional History

Institute of Computational Biology of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, since August, 2020
system administration high-performance computing
Acoustics Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, since May, 2005
(academic) software design and development, system administration
Sparkassen Datendienst, December, 1993 until April, 2005
software development and design
major tasks: responsibility for the proprietary communications middleware of the group, including porting it to OS/2200, z/OS (CICS and batch), and others; and software design and implementation in C++ and Java for Unix, Windows, VMS, z/OS, and others.
Schrack Aerospace, Product Assurance/Quality Assurance, summer, 1993, and summer, 1992
designing and implementing a software package for calculating the reliability and error probabilities of mission-critical components and systems for unmanned space travel
Schrack Sicherheitstechnik, summer, 1991
aiding in planning fire-alarm systems
Chase Manhattan Bank Austria, summer, 1990
office work (I was young and did it for the money.)
Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics, summer, 1989
developing a program to retrieve data from X-ray spectroscopy, converting and processing these data, and visualizing them

5. Teaching

Vienna University
Lecturer, courses in logic (in German):

Jahr Sommersemester Wintersemester
2017 Logik-Übung (Bakk.) Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2016 Logik-Übung (Bakk.) Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2015 Logik-Übung (Bakk.) Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2014 Logik-Übung (Bakk.) Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2013 Logik-Übung (Bakk.) Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2012 Logik-Übung (Bakk.) Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2011 Logik-Übung (Bakk.) Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2010 Logik-Übung (Lehramt) Logik-Übung (Lehramt)
2009 Logik-Übung (Bakk.) Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2008 Logik-Übung (Bakk.)
2007 Logik-Übung (Bakk.)

6. Other Work Experience

Miscellaneous customers and employers, mainly Unilog-Integrata
Unix courses, dealing with e.g. shell programming, systems programming, systems security, and so on
Institute for philosophy of Vienna University, fall, 2006
Developing the axiomatic proof builder and its Principia Mathematica flavour
Institute for philosophy of Vienna University, February, 2006
Developing the Peirce Alpha Graph Proof Builder, a piece of didactic software aimed at learning to handle Peirce's Existential Graphs.
IBM ROECE, 1990 and 1991
Installing and maintaining PCs