Logic Calculator: Truth Tables

(featuring a purple monster and a psychic duck)

Welcome to this truth-table calculator for classical logic. Click this heading to see a more detailed introduction.


This truth-table calculator for classical logic shows, well, truth-tables for propositions of classical logic. Featuring a purple munster and a duck, and optionally showing intermediate results, it is one of the better instances of its kind.

Use the buttons below (or your keyboard) to enter a proposition, then gently touch the duck to have it calculate the truth-table for you. Each time you touch the friendly monster to the duck's left, it will eat up a character (or, if there is selected text, the whole selection). If you double-click the monster, it will eat up the whole input (yum!).

Once the table is there, use the button "Show intermediate results" or "Hide intermediate results" to show or hide intermediate results in the table.

Since 2021 you may enter more than one proposition at a time, separating them with commas (e.g. " P∧Q, P∨Q, P→Q"). This makes it easier e.g. to compare propositions and to check if an argument is semantically valid.

See a few examples below. Clicking on an example will copy it to the input field. Alternatively, you may leave the input field completely empty. On touching the duck, its psychic personality will find out what proposition you are thinking of (this is an experimental feature).

(P→Q)(P∧Q)(P∨Q)(P⊽Q)(P↮Q)(P∨¬P)(P∧¬P)(P→((Q→R)∧(¬S∨R)))(P→Q)∨(Q→R) ((P ⊼ Q) ⊽ (P ⊼ Q))

If you prefer using your keyboard, you may use the strings "&" or "&&" to denote "∧"; the strings "|" or "||" to denote "∨"; the strings "=>" or "->" to denote "→"; the string "<=>" or "<->" to denote "↔"; and the strings "!" or "~" to denote "¬".

The tables are calculated in your browser, so the calculator is available offline, and the government won't ever find out what propositions you are working with (unless they hack your computer).


Truth Table

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